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Web Developer, Author, & Speaker

Photograph of me giving a presentation at CoderFaire Tennessee in 2012.

Professional Biography

Ben Ramsey is a web developer, API enthusiast, and open source software advocate living in Nashville, TN.

Passionate about the PHP community, Ben is actively working on the PHP Community Foundation, PHP TestFest, and Southeast PHP Conference. He is the founder of the Atlanta PHP user group and co-organizer of the Nashville PHP user group. He also organized the first PHP Appalachia retreat and PHP Community Conference.

A core contributor to the PHP programming language, Ben is the co-author of Zend PHP 5 Certification Study Guide and PHP 5 Unleashed, the author of numerous articles on APIs and web application security, and is a popular speaker at PHP conferences worldwide.

When not building the next-generation platform for professional photographers at ShootProof, Ben enjoys good beer and spending time with his family.

Ben blogs about web development at benramsey.com. His open-source contributions, including the popular ramsey/uuid library for PHP, may be found at github.com/ramsey.

Many thanks to Yitzchok Willroth for penning this biography.

Short Biography

If the long-form biography doesn’t suit your needs, you’re welcome to use the following short-form bio for publication purposes.

is a web developer, author, and speaker. He is a software architect at ShootProof, where he builds a platform for professional photographers. He enjoys organizing user groups and contributing to open source software. Ben blogs at benramsey.com and is @ramsey on Twitter.

Interviews, Panels, & Podcasts

I’ve had the honor of being interviewed and invited to participate in some panels and podcasts over the years. Here's a collection of notable ones:

PHP Roundtable: All About HTTP/2
Sammy Powers invited me to return to the PHP Rountable to discuss HTTP/2 with Davey Shafik and Junade Ali.
It’s the Booze Talking - User Groups
Columbus, OH PHP user group leader Bill Condo worked with Cal Evans to organize a round-table discussion on running user groups. I had the privilege of participating as a guest.
Voices of the ElePHPant – Interview with Ben Ramsey
I sat down with Cal Evans at SunshinePHP in February 2015 to talk about some of the projects I’ve been working on lately.
It’s the Booze Talking - The PHP Ecosystem
I joined Cal Evans and a multitude of other developers and vendors at Lone Star PHP in April 2015 to discuss PHP developers and their relationships with vendors.
PHP Roundtable: Git & Git-Flow - Open Source Part 1
I joined Sammy Powers’s PHP Roundtable with Beau Simensen, Kris Wallsmith, and Emma Jane Hogbin Westby to talk about Git, Git-Flow, and developing open source software.
/dev/hell Episode 52: True North PHP 2014
I sat down with hosts Chris Hartjes and Ed Finkler at True North PHP 2014 to discuss organizing and speaking at conferences.
virtPHP with Jacques Woodcock and Ben Ramsey
Michael Budd, Fraser Hart, and Edd Mann invited Jacques Woodcock and me to join them on the 21 May 2014 episode of their "Three Devs and a Maybe" podcast to discuss virtPHP.
It’s the Booze Talking #5: Core Developers
Cal Evans invited me to join him and a handful of PHP core developers at ZendCon 2013 to discuss core PHP development.
Where the Techies Go, Others Follow
Jamie McGee interviewed me for the 26 April 2013 issue of the Nashville Business Journal about why I chose to move from Atlanta to Nashville.
One Developer’s Recipe For Growing Tech Talent: User Groups, Hack Events
I discussed user groups and hackathons with Jamie McGee of the Nashville Business Journal for an article published on their website on 8 April 2013.
It’s the Booze Talking #4: The PHP Community
When Derick Rethans visited Nashville as part of a speaking tour in September 2012, a few friends got together at Cal Evans's home to discuss the PHP community.
The ROI of Community Involvement
At ZendCon 2010, I was invited to participate in a keynote session panel, discussing the ROI of being involved in the PHP community.
Pique Web: Episode 2 - Content Types
Sean Coates and Paul Reinheimer invited me to discuss content types on their 2 August 2010 episode of the Pique Web podcast.
Community Roundtable
At php|tek 2010, Keith Casey moderated a community roundtable panel at the php|tek unconference. I was privileged to be one of the panelists, and there are a handful of user groups in existence today who formed as a result of this panel.
php|architect Podcast #2010-02: Stalker Edition
In February 2010, I joined Marco Tabini, Arbi Arzoumani, Keith Casey, Cal Evans, and Beth Tucker Long to discuss Facebook's recent announcement of HipHop for PHP.
HTML 5: What You Need to Know
Marco Tabini interviewed me about HTML5 for a 2 July 2009 article on the php|architect blog.
The Appalachia Ramblecast
At the second PHP Applachia in 2008, Paul Reinheimer fired up his audio recorder to record the infamous PHP Appalachia Ramblecast. Let's hope there is no surviving audio of this incident.
PHP User Group Panel Discussion at ZendCon UnCon
At ZendCon 2008, Keith Casey and I led a user group discussion panel at the ZendCon Unconference.
php|tek 2008 Ramblecast
Another excellent ramblecast recorded by Paul Reinheimer at php|tek 2008.
php|works 2007 Ramblecast
The first ramblecast I took part in was at php|works 2007 in Atlanta, GA.
Meet the Vloggers
I moderated a panel on vlogging (video podcasting) at PodCamp Atlanta in March 2007.
ProPHP Roundtable
I was invited to take part in the first ProPHP Roundtable podcast, moderated by Chris Cornutt in July 2005. Also participating in the podcast were Chris Shiflett and Aaron Wormus.


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