Bringing Savant into the fold

One of the biggest discussions on the pear-dev mailing list right now is that of the HTML::Template_Savant proposal. Lots of people like it, others still want to do away with template engines in PEAR altogether. I won’t go into all the details about what Savant is (you can figure that out for yourself), but I will say that this discussion is reshaping the way we think of HTML templating engines in PEAR – for the better, IMO.

For example, in the Play nice! thread on the pear-dev mailing list, the idea was suggested (by Greg Beaver) that PEAR use this opportunity of discussion and voting to create a “common template interface to some existing template engines.” What a great idea! Later on in the thread, Greg goes on to describe how the Template classes could be split up to allow for multiple types of engines under one unifying structure.

I think that PEAR is moving in the right direction with this discussion, and I’m looking forward to seeing the changes ahead.