I found out about through a post by Chris Shiflett. In short, it’s a place to store and share your bookmarks in a central location, and it has a built-in community aspect, showing who has bookmarked the same links. I’ve already got over 125 bookmarks in my collection.

After playing around with for a while, I’ve come up with a wishlist for enhancements:

  • OR operator

    Currently, you’re able to add categories (or “tags”) together in an AND comparison, but I’d like to see something like an OR that pulls everything from two different tags.

  • WITHOUT operator

    Similar to my wish above, I’d like to see the ability to exclude any bookmarks with specific tags from a view.

  • More than 30 links in RSS feed

    I’ve noticed that the RSS feeds show only up to 30 bookmarks. I discovered this when I subscribed to my bookmarks from Firefox 1.0PR (with Live Bookmarks) and didn’t see them all.

I’m sure others have their own wishlists of enhancements, but I think these three items would definitely increase the power of