Teaching Parrot to Say PHP

PHP Magazine 01.2005

Teaching Parrot to Say ‘PHP’: A Speculative Look Ahead to PHP 6 and the Parrot VM
by Ben Ramsey
International PHP Magazine
Issue 01.2005 (Jan/Feb 2005)

From the introduction:

Several months ago, Ben held a conversation with a fellow programmer about the relevance and performance of PHP-GTK. The fear, said he, is that PHP-GTK is too slow to run robust desktop applications. ‘Yet, how can this fear be plausible when so many already use PHP for robust Web-based applications?’ Ben retorted in his infinite wisdom. He went on to exclaim, ‘What PHP needs is a Virtual Machine—something like the Java Runtime Environment that all end-users can easily install to run PHP applications!’ ‘That’s why I’m placing my bets on Parrot,’ was the astute programmer’s reply. And thus began Ben’s long journey in which he traveled far and wide across the Internet searching for references to Parrot and the rumored project in which PHP is being formulated to run on Parrot. In his article, Ben takes a speculative look ahead to PHP 6 and the Parrot VM.