International PHP Conference 2005 - Spring Edition

Yesterday, I was informed that several of my proposals have been accepted, and I will be presenting at the International PHP Conference 2005 - Spring Edition in Amsterdam in May.

The topics I will be presenting are:

Web Security - Part II

No week passes without a new security vulnerability. However, more often it is not a browser, server, or OS that is affected, but a web site. Most often, the same mistakes are made, paired with lazy programmers. This talk seeks to change this and covers securing a PHP-enabled website.

Part II examines security from the server-side and explores best practices for configuring PHP on the server.

(Christian Wenz will present Part I.)

PHP in a Whole New World: Desktop Applications Built in PHP-GTK

For several years, PHP has dominated on the Web, becoming the leading Web scripting language. However, PHP is not only for Web use; it is a general-purpose language that can be used to create desktop applications using GTK extensions. This talk examines some of the more popular applications created using PHP-GTK, as well as providing resources for more information on creating PHP-GTK applications.

Framing the Frameworks: What Are They and Do I Need One?

PHP-based frameworks proliferate on the Web. Everyone’s created one in some form or another, and many have slapped an OSS license on their’s and are offering it for mass consumption. This talk will discuss frameworks, what they are, and how they can be utilized for rapid application development to save time and money. In addition, several PHP frameworks will be explored and evaluated.