N-TEN NTC and Penguin Day Chicago

This is sort of a continuation of yesterday’s post. I’ve received one comment, and I intend to respond as soon as I hear from several others.

In addition to attending Penguin Day Chicago on the 26th, I’ll also be attending the N-TEN Nonprofit Technology Conference, which occurs on the 23rd through the 25th (before Penguin Day). I’m interested in seeing whether anyone who programs any PHP at all, whether professionally or as a hobby, would like to get together in Chicago sometime on that Thursday or Friday night (the 24th or 25th). I’ve posted a message to the N-TEN wiki that tells a little bit about what I’d like to do, but, in short, it’d be a very informal get-together for drinks and/or dinner and a random discussion about PHP—we’ll just start out talking and see where it takes us.

I’ve also sent the following e-mail to the organizers of Chicago PHP:

Is Chicago PHP still meeting regularly? If so, I was wondering if some of the folks involved with Chicago PHP would like to get together for an informal “social” on the evening of either March 24 or 25.

The N-TEN conference is taking place during that time and Chicago Penguin Day will take place on that Saturday, the 26th. I’ll be attending both events, and I am greatly interested in hanging out with and networking with other PHP folks while I’m in the area.

If any of your members will be attending these events during that time and want to get together or if you guys just want to get together for drinks or something, then please let me know. I think it’d be a great opportunity.

So, the invitation is open. Please contact me if you’re interested.