Yahoo! 360 Impressions

As I mentioned earlier, I had the privilege of meeting Esther Dyson and briefly discussing Yahoo! 360. Here’re a few links to blog posts by others who attended what I’m calling the “360 summit” that Yahoo! hosted on Thursday:

  • Joyce Park (a.k.a. Troutgirl) shares her experience at “the big Y!” and applaudes Yahoo! for making a service that may bring more women into the blogosphere
  • Danah Boyd gives a list of features that 360 will have, as well as expresses her concern for the divide between the lack of features for “techgeeks” and the target novice users and how the word “blog” may scare off the newer folks
  • Esther Dyson shares her thoughts on how 360 should not “presume to know what interests [she and her friends] might share” and that 360 should allow the community to shape what it becomes

I find the prospect of this service fascinating, and I can’t wait to see what becomes of it.