Atlanta PHP Meeting Tomorrow

Atlanta PHP is having its third regular meeting in a row tomorrow at New Horizons in Tucker, GA. While the location may not be the greatest for everyone, it’s a good thing to have a consistent location when just starting out like this, and I think it’s been quite an accomplishment to have three meetings in a row. Thanks to George Jempty who got the ball rolling and thanks to Matt Kern who got our Web site in order. And especially thanks to all the members who have attended meetings or supported us in other ways!

I’ll be speaking at this meeting, giving a modified version of one of the presentations I gave at the International PHP Conference. The topic will focus on server-side Web application security, but I’ll also give a brief overview and description of the more common attacks seen in applications (something left out of my IPC talk since Christian covered it in the first part of the talk). I’ll give a second talk at Atlanta PHP in the future that will address the same attacks while covering application-level (code) security.

Again the meeting is Thursday, June 2 at 7:00 PM at New Horizons in Tucker. Full meeting details are on the Atlanta PHP Web site.