Thoughts on Ajax

I was recently asked about my thoughts on Ajax, and I thought my response would make for a good, though-provoking post. Here’s how I responded:

Ajax strikes me as one of those fads that pops up from time to time. The difference here is that we’ve had the technologies to use what is now known as Ajax for years – it’s just that now it has a snazzy name and some people are doing very cool things with it (i.e. Google Maps). The other difference is that Internet accessibility has vastly improved: browsers today are more standards-compliant and have greater support of Javascript/DHTML and XML; more people are connected via broadband connections than ever before. So, we can no longer say that people on dial-up or people using old browsers are holding us back from making use of this technology.

Hmm… I think I’ve just convinced myself that it’s here to stay.

However, if it is just a fad, then it hasn’t yet peaked. I think we’ll at least see some very cool things come out of Ajax use over the next couple of years before Ajax itself evolves into something else. Hey, if anyone thought that DHTML had come and gone, then take a look at Ajax – it’s really what DHTML is evolving into.

In just a few short months, Adaptive Path has coined a new term and managed to create a frenzy around this “new” technology that’s already about eight years old. I find this in and of itself utterly amazing! The term Ajax has become a meme among Web developers.

Still, the introduction of the name seems to have created a bit of confusion among the developer community over what it really is, as evidenced by some of the questions from the Ajax Q&A.

What are your thoughts on Ajax?

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