Web 2.0 in China?

Via Planet Web 2.0, I found this post by Richard MacManus about an English blog discussing Web 2.0 in China: the China Web2.0 Review. Looking at the blog, it appears that China will soon host its own blogging conference in Shanghai.

Personally, I find it amazing that bloggers are continuing forward even despite recent news of censorship attempts. What’s more, Web 2.0 seems to be catching on like wildfire in China, and that’s even more astounding in light of what I’ve been discussing about information sharing and collective ownership. One would think that collective ownership would be an ideal of a socialist government, but totalitarian rule and blocking and censorship of services seems more often than not to be the norm.

Needless to say, this is a bold move for the bloggers and technologists of China. I think it’s another step towards opening up China.

From the China Web2.0 Review:

China Web2.0 Review is a blog dedicated to track and review web2.0 development in China. We will profile and review web2.0 applications, products, services and business in China, and track the buzz about web2.0 in China’s internet industry as well.

Though the definition of Web2.0 is still controversial, we believe web2.0 is not only a buzzword or bubble2.0 but an inevitable evolution of the web. And in China, one of the most potential and mysterious internet markets, web2.0 evolution is also on going and exciting us.