New Site for Atlanta PHP

Over the weekend, Atlanta PHP launched its brand new Web site and forum. We hope that this new site and forum will allow us to serve our local developer community much more effectively.

Also, something that I’ve not pointed out in any of the language posted on the Atlanta PHP Web site is that the new forum allows members to get in touch with each other, something the Drupal installation we had did not allow. Members can send private messages or even e-mail to each other using the forum software.

I also noticed a lot of people looking for a PHP user group in the area through I quickly reassessed my attitude towards – over a year ago we left because of the mandatory imposed group fees – and set up a new Meetup group for Atlanta PHP. This is just another channel for us to find local developers or, rather, for local developers to find us.

Finally, the old site is still available as an archive for our old content. I’ve set up some rewrites to funnel old links to the archive site so that old content doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. If you’re looking for something and can’t find it, ask me or check