Zend Framework on Ning

I couldn’t sleep tonight, so, instead of doing one of the many other things on my plate that I need to actually work on, I decided to set up the Zend Framework on Ning so that others could clone it and use it for their Ning applications. If you’re unfamliar with Ning, here’s what the Ning developer documentation says about itself:

Ning enables regular everyday people with no design or development skills to get their own copy of real, working social web applications and adapt them for any need or niche. But that’s not all. Everything running on Ning is 100% programmable. This means web designers, developers, or adventurous amateurs can dive into any App or feature running on Ning and change it.

Now, on to the good stuff. I’ve set up a fully functional application using the Zend Framework on Ning. Thus, the application structure, URL mapping rules, and bootstrap file are all in place and working. All you need to do is clone the app and get to work on building your Zend Framework application on Ning. I had to make a few slight modifications to the Zend Framework (mostly with respect to $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']), but those are noted in the notes I provide on the Zend Framework Ning site.

So, go to the Zend Framework Ning site now and get started playing with the Zend Framework and Ning!

NOTE: Ning is running PHP 5.0.4, so there may be some parts of the Zend Framework that do not work, since the ZF requires PHP 5.1.4. If you run across these, please note them in a comment here, and I’ll note it on the Ning page for the Zend Framework.