O Google, Hear Our Cries (For a Contacts Application)

In an effort to organize my life, I’ve been trying out various organizer programs, from Yojimbo to SOHO Organizer to Contactizer. That’s when I realized that I need Google’s help. If I do everything the Apple way, then I need to use Address Book, iCal, and Apple Mail. Then, I can make the most out of organization software like SOHO Organizer and Contactizer, but I don’t use the Apple programs. I use things on the Web like Gmail and Google Calendar. I could go back to using programs like Apple Mail, but Gmail has ruined me simply because of two simple features that seem so obvious I don’t know why other mail applications don’t have them: tagging and conversation threading.

So, what am I to do? As a member of the Cult of Google, I beseech thee, O Google, to overhaul your crappy contact system and make a full-fledged Google Contacts application to go alongside with your suite of productivity apps like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs. Follow your normal protocol and keep it beta indefinitely and open only to invitees (but invite me, first, please), and make it awesome, as usual. Help us to log our calls and all communication with our contacts, much like you already allow us to see all e-mail communication with a particular contact. Let us schedule meetings with a contact that show up on our Google Calendars, and allow us to define relationships and assign tasks.

Give us the tools we need for a complete virtual on-line office, and make it free! We don’t mind the text ads on the side; in fact, we love them. O Google, we love thee!