PodCamp Vlogging Panel

As I mentioned a while ago, I will be attending PodCamp Atlanta this weekend. I also mentioned that I’m interested in attending to hear more about vlogging. However, PodCamp Atlanta didn’t have any vlogging sessions scheduled at the time. So, in the spirit of the unconference, I decided to pull together a group of vloggers from across the Southeast to form a vlogging panel – moderated by yours truly.

The vlogging panel will take place on Saturday, March 17 at 1:45pm in the Governor’s Hall room. Here’s my little description of it:

Meet the Vloggers – Vlogging is a new medium of podcasting that is catching on quickly. This panel of experienced vloggers will share their vlogging experiences, reasons for vlogging, advice, helpful tips and tools, and answer audience questions.

The panelists are:

At this moment, there are still 30 spaces left for PodCamp Atlanta (there are only 200 available spots). If you’re interested in attending the vlogging panel or any of the other sessions, sign up now to reserve your spot!