PHP and Oracle Manual

Maggie writes about an Oracle problem over which we were pulling out our hair. In the end, the solution was fairly simple, but I’ll let you read her post for all the details. I’ll just mention that Christopher Jones pointed me to a freely available book he and Alison Holloway wrote specifically for PHP developers using Oracle: The Underground PHP and Oracle Manual.

Christopher says, “The book is designed to bridge the gap between the many PHP and the many Oracle texts available.” This is a must-read for anyone using Oracle and PHP together, and they continually maintain it and keep it up-to-date.

On page 80 of the manual, it states:

If you are using an Oracle Database 10g Release 2 database other than the Express Edition (“XE”), you may need to give the Apache process access to Oracle’s libraries and globalization data. Refer to the $ORACLE_HOME/install/ script. Each time you restart Apache, make sure you have the same environment variables set for Oracle. In particular ORACLE_HOME should always be set.

Wiser words were never writ…