PHP Community T-Shirts

Last year, a substantial number of regulars of #phpc attended the Zend/PHP Conference and Expo, so we decided to make #phpc t-shirts for everyone. This year, that number of attendees from #phpc has dramatically risen, and, again, we’ll be creating special t-shirts, this time using the original logo created by Peter Jovanovic (with contributions from Richard Davey). T-shirt

If you’ll be attending the Zend/PHP Conference and Expo, and you’d like to show your support for, then use this handy form to buy a shirt. Ligaya Turmelle will be in charge of handing out the shirts at the conference. If you can’t make it to the conference, and you’d still like a shirt, I’m sure Lig can work out something for you (like shipping). Just ask her on the IRC channel.