On Being a PHP "Star"

Last week, during php|works, Andrew Collington quietly sat down with us after a long day of tutorials. He kept his mouth shut, so his presence went largely unnoticed, but his blog was unable to escape the wide range of my ego.

Right now I’m sitting at a table with the likes of Cal Evans, Ben Ramsey, Sara Goleman, and Derick Rethans – all big players in the PHP world. And here I am, lowly ol’ me who does a bit of PHP at work. Wow. I feel a little starstruck (in a geeky kinda way), I have to admit!

Wow! I’m a STAR! Following this realization, this conversation ensued on #phpc:

<CalEvans> :) I'm a bit player in the PHP drama...jsut happy to be on
the stage.
<ramsey> same here
<Elazar> Pffft... your names are better known than most of the people
in here. :P
<ramsey> I'm known for having a name, though... nothing else ;-)
* ramsey is like the Paris Hilton of the PHP world...
<CalEvans> That would make me Lohan?