Zend/PHP Conference 2007

In just over a week, I’ll be flying to sunny California to attend and speak at the Zend/PHP Conference and Expo. I’ll be giving two talks at the conference: “Give Your Site a Boost With Memcached” and “Mobilizing & Sharing: How the Zend Framework Builds Community for Nokia MOSH.” The former is an updated version of a talk I gave earlier this year in Germany; the latter is a new talk I’m giving with my colleague Brian DeShong, and it’s more or less a case study of Schematic’s use of the Zend Framework in building Nokia’s mobile social networking website, MOSH.

A month ago, I wrote about the unconference being held at ZendCon this year. The unconference is a community space provided by Zend and organized by Patrick Reilly to facilitate discussion among members of the PHP developer community. This space is open to all conference attendees, who are free to schedule a time slot to lead a discussion or give a presentation. This is a perfect opportunity for you if you’re interested in testing the presentation waters by giving your first talk at a conference, trying out a new (or rehashing an old) presentation, or just sharing your knowledge with and learning from others. Be sure to add your session to the schedule soon!

I’ll be giving a new talk at the unconference with the obnoxiously long title “Getting Information About Your Upload Before It’s Finished Uploading or How To Use A Very Long Presentation Title To Otherwise Say I’m Talking About pecl/uploadprogress.” (Look for a blog post about pecl/uploadprogress from me soon.)

Finally, don’t forget about the #zendcon channel on the Freenode IRC network. That’s your place to chat with other attendees during the conference and find out where everyone’s going for food and drinks in the after-hours. In addition, there is a @zendcon twitter user. Start following it today to get zendcon tweets during the conference.