Microsoft Web Development Summit 2007

I’m privileged to be in Redmond, WA this week at the Microsoft Web Development Summit. (Special thanks to Glen Gordon for sending me an invitation.) Also in attendance are a good crowd of PHP developers from various backgrounds and experience, including developers from Drupal, Gallery, Facebook, CakePHP, Solar, core developers, extension developers, authors, and just plain PHP programmers. Microsoft has invited us to their main campus in an effort to reach out to the PHP community to solicit opinions and feedback on various technologies, including IIS, Silverlight, their Ajax library, Expression Web, etc.

I’ll be taking time to condense my thoughts and reactions into a single blog post later this week after I’ve returned home and rested, but for now, you can follow along as I take notes on my personal “notes” wiki. I’ve made the conference notes section available for reading to the public. So, you can read my notes for the Microsoft Web Development Summit, if you like.