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NEW RELEASE! I’ve released version 1.1 of the dashboard widget. This release provides for better interoperability with Paul’s service and uses his new JSON interface instead of the RSS feed.

Last night, I was vigorously attacked by a virus of some sort. My body ached, I tossed and turned all night, and I got no sleep. It was not fun. This morning, taking a sick day and feeling much better with the help of meds, I decided to do something I haven’t had the luxury of doing for a while: catch up on blog posts.

While reading through news and blog entries, I came across a post on Zend’s Developer Zone about Paul Reinheimer’s new PHP Function a Day website. The Function a Day site functions in much the same way as those nifty tear-off-a-page-per-day desktop calendars we all buy for those on our Christmas shopping lists for whom we can’t quite figure out what to get. The calendars are hit-or-miss. The Far Side is always a popular favorite; Inspirational Stories of Left-Handed Leaders not so much.

Paul’s Function a Day, however, is a hit with but one problem: I have to visit the site everyday to see the newest calendar entry. Ick! If I know me – and I hope I know me – then I know I’ll forget to visit the site. Thus, in my sicken and medicated stupor, I decided to do the only logical thing one would do while taking a sick day: write some code!

Thus was born the PHP Function a Day Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X. Now, you can have the Function a Day delivered right to your desktop just like that day-to-day calendar, except this time, you don’t have to remember to tear off the page each day. Enjoy!