Congrats Costa Rica PHP!

Last night, Costa Rica PHP held their first user group meeting. A whopping 37 developers attended! While I’m excited to see any new PHP user group form and be successful, I’m especially ecstatic about Costa Rica PHP because it’s headed up by two of my colleagues from Schematic: Pablo Viquez and Karolina Hidalgo.

It sounds like they have a very active and vibrant PHP developer community in Costa Rica, and they’ve found two very supportive universities that have offered to host their meetings and events. I wish that every PHP user group could find sponsors willing to provide computer labs and even bring in outside speakers!

Pablo writes the following about their first meeting:

I’m very pleased to announce that we had a great response from the PHP developers here in Costa Rica. We held our first meeting in the University of Costa Rica (UCR), with a total of 37 developers of different backgrounds and skills. At the end of the meeting everyone was very excited and happy with the initiative of the Costa Rica group, and willing to contribute.

We’ve received support from two universities who want to host our monthly meetings, they offered the opportunity to not just do monthly meetings but use their labs to have workshops and even offered the support to bring speakers from other countries.

Congratulations, Costa Rica PHP on a successful first meeting, and here’s to many more successful meetings!

Check out the Costa Rica PHP website at