Making Money With PHP and Google's Summer of Code

Are you a student or do you know of a student who wants to make money this summer flipping bits instead of burgers? Furthermore, does said student want to make money programming for the PHP project? If so, then the Google Summer of Code and the PHP project provides just the opportunity.

I’m posting this for two reasons: 1) as a favor to Elizabeth Smith and 2) because I’d really like to see some interesting projects go to benefit the PHP community. In the past, the Google SoC has had some interesting PHP projects (2006, 2007), and this year is no different with a slew of potential projects, some of which I find very interesting.

For the math aficionados, there’s an idea for algorithmic optimizations in the language. For Unicode lovers, there’s the suggestion to continue the work to update every function in php-src, giving full native Unicode support to PHP 6. For those who like working with XML, there’s work to be done on PhD, the PHP-based DocBook renderer. OOP buffs will enjoy building support for anonymous functions, delegates, return type hinting, and property type hinting into the language. The list goes on.

And, if none of these interest you, you’re welcome to submit your own project idea. If you want an idea from me that’s not listed on the wiki, perhaps you’d be interested in doing some C# development to implement PHP on Microsoft’s DLR (more info on the DLR).

So, there’s money to be made and cool projects to work on. Plus, it’ll look good on your resume.

The only problem is the deadline. It’s March 31st! So, submit your proposal today!