DCPHP 2008 Slides

As promised to the attendees of my talks, I have posted the slides for my presentations on SlideShare.

Distribution and Publication With Atom Web Services

The Web is transforming into a platform for distributed applications. Rich clients connect to web services to retrieve and store data. The Atom Publishing Protocol provides a common language for these services. Ben Ramsey introduces AtomPub, explaining how it can form the foundation of any web service for publication and distribution of data for enterprises down to small businesses.

View and download the slides.

Give Your Site a Boost With Memcache

Today’s high-traffic websites must implement performance-boosting measures that reduce data processing and reduce load on the database, while increasing the speed of content delivery. One such method is the use of a cache to temporarily store whole pages, database recordsets, large objects, and sessions. While many caching mechanisms exist, memcached provides one of the fastest and easiest-to-use caching servers. This talk will cover memcached and the memcache extension for PHP from setting up a memcached server to using it to provide a variety of caching solutions, including the use of memcached as a session data store.

View and download the slides.