php|tek 2009 Slides

Another php|tek come and gone. I’m saddened by leaving, but, as usually happens, I’m reinvigorated and reenergized to go back to work. It seems I need these events to get together with other developers to raise me up out of periods of burn-out. I’m sure the same goes for others.

I gave my talk this morning on “Making the Most of HTTP In Your Apps.” There was so much material to cover and so little time to cover it in, so I hope people found little nuggets of value in it for their own applications. I’ll be revising it in the future to show more actual code examples.

For your reference, I’ve provided the slides below for you to enjoy and download. Here’s the abstract of what the talk is about, and please don’t forget to rate my talk:

200, 404, 302. Is it a lock combination? A phone number? No, they’re HTTP status codes! As we develop Web applications, we encounter these status codes and others, and often we make decisions about which ones to return without giving much thought to their meaning or context. It’s time to take a deeper look at HTTP. Knowing the methods, headers, and status codes, what they mean, and how to use them can help you develop richer Internet applications. Join Ben Ramsey as he takes you on a journey through RFC 2616 to discover some of the gems of HTTP.

You may also view and download the slides for this talk.