The PHP Project

The PHP Project

Over the years, I’ve made a number of tiny contributions to the PHP programming language project. While small, I’m proud of the contributions I’ve made. This is a programming language and community that has been so important and crucial to my career, so I am always looking for more time and more ways to give back to it. Here are a few of the ways I’ve contributed.

PHP Core

I’ve submitted a few patches to the core, but the most significant core contribution I’ve made to date is that of the array_column() function. If I were a more confident C programmer, I would find more ways to contribute to the core on a regular basis.

PHP Manual

To the PHP manual, I contributed the initial SQLite3 documentation, a number of updates to the SimpleXML docs, as well as other small tweaks here and there.


In 2004, I made my first contributions to the PHP project by giving a complete overhaul to the PHP-GTK website. Now that it’s rather dated, it could stand another overhaul.

php.general Mailing List

In my early days of participation, I spent many hours reading and responding to questions on the php.general mailing list. These were the days before Stack Overflow and Reddit, and the php.general mailing list was the most authoritative place to go for PHP help. There were several months between 2003 and 2004 where I was the top-poster for the month. I like to think this wasn’t because I was making a lot of noise but, rather, because I was helping a lot of folks as a way of giving back for the help I had received on the mailing list.


In 2007, after making a few contributions to the pecl/uploadpgrogress extension, I was added as one of its maintainers. The main functionality I added to the extension was the uploadprogress_get_contents() function, which allows you to look at the contents of a file upload while it is still being uploaded.


I’m also listed as a maintainer of the pecl/pdo_user extension. Once upon a time, I wanted to play around with this extension and expand it to allow me to do some interesting and cool things with PDO, SQL, and connections to non-standard data sources.