PHP TestFest 2008: Writing phpt Tests

I presented at the Atlanta PHP user group on how to write phpt tests and run the tests in the php-src code. I wish I could find the slides.

Ever wanted to get involved in the PHP development team but were unsure of where to start? Perhaps you’re not exactly a great C developer, so you weren’t even aware that your help could be valuable? Well, you don’t need to be a C developer to aid the PHP development team, nor do you need to do any fancy compiling or building. You can write phpt tests!

The month of May has been designated as TestFest 2008 for PHP user groups around the world. This month, PHP user groups will work to improve the code coverage of the test suite for the PHP language itself. Aside from having the opportunity to help in improving the language itself, will also raffle off 10 elePHPants to submitters. Every submission (phpt test) that is considered helpful receives one entry into the raffle. Furthermore, people that show they are capable of writing tests entirely on their own may be given official accounts with direct commit access to and an email address.

The Atlanta PHP May meeting will be dedicated to TestFest 2008, introducing the concept of phpt tests and how to write them.