Distribution and Publication with Atom Web Services

As we move toward “Web 3.0,” the Web is slowly transforming into a platform upon which massively distributed applications run. Rich clients turn personal computers into thin clients, not storing or processing any data locally but, rather, connecting to a web service where the data resides. These services may target intranets, extranets, or the global Web community, but to work they need a common language. One such language is the Atom Publishing Protocol.

Since its inception as a draft recommendation in 2003, the Atom Syndication Format (RFC 4287) has been used as an alternative to Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds on blogs throughout the blogosphere. Most have understood Atom as just another feed format, but the publication of the Atom Publishing Protocol (RFC 5023) opens the door for far more uses of the Atom format as both a means for distribution of data, as well as publication.

Ben Ramsey will introduce the Atom Syndication Format and Atom Publishing Protocol, explaining in depth how these can form the foundation of any web service for publication and distribution of data in any environment, from the enterprise right down to the small business level. Ramsey will also discuss RESTful design principles as they relate to the Atom Publishing Protocol.