HTTP for the REST of Us (Workshop)

Presented as a half-day tutorial workshop, together with David Zuelke.

As web developers, we’re leveraging the powers of HTTP every day, and most of us have used or implemented web services that are supposedly RESTful. But are they really? What constitutes a RESTful interface? What exactly is a uniform interface, and how important is statelessness? What does HATEOAS mean, and who is this Roy Fielding? This tutorial covers everything from the basics of HTTP and URL design to the constraints that REST imposes on the network, we will look at content negotiation and error handling, authorization and security, caching and more. You will learn how to deal with concurrency, conflicts and other error situations as well as how to design hypermedia formats. We will also examine APIs in the wild and give attendees a chance to submit their web sites and APIs for review.